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About TCS 2022

About TCS 2022


The Transport Department conducts a Travel Characteristics Survey (TCS) approximately every ten years. By collecting information on the travel characteristics of the Hong Kong population, the Government formulates plans for future transport infrastructure development and public transport service improvement. In the past, the Transport Department has conducted the TCS five times, in 1973, 1981, 1991, 2002 and 2011. The sixth TCS is scheduled to be conducted in late 2022.


Travel Characteristics Survey aims to collect up-to-date information on Hong Kong people's travel patterns and behavior, which will be used to update and enhance the strategic transport model, and to forecast the future traffic conditions. The traffic forecasts will provide essential reference for the planning of transport infrastructure and the formulation of transport policies, such that the future transport system could meet the needs of the citizens.

Survey Method

The survey will need about 35 000 randomly selected households to participate. Selected households will receive notification letters from the Transport Department starting from September 2022, inviting all household members to participate. The households can choose to complete the survey via questionnaire online, telephone interview or face-to-face interview.

Face-to-face / Telephone Interview or Online Survey

After receiving the notification letter, households can browse TCS website ( or scan the exclusive QR code on the letter, go to the login page, and complete the self-administered online questionnaire, or choose to make an appointment for a face-to-face or telephone interview. Households can also call our hotline directly for making the appointment.

If households have not yet applied for an appointment or not yet initialed the self-administered online questionnaire one week after the notification letter was sent out, survey officers will visit these households so as to assist them in completing the survey. To ensure accuracy and save time when conducting the face-to-face interview, survey officers will visit in pairs. To facilitate easy identification, survey officers will wear lake blue-color uniforms and a name tag issued by the Transport Department, and carry a lake blue-color satchel. All survey officers hosting face-to-face interviews must comply with the requirements of the Vaccine Pass (3 doses of vaccine). They also will undergo Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test two times a week, and will conduct Rapid Antigen Tests and report health conditions everyday before start of field work. During the course of household visit, the survey officers will wear masks of suitable standard and goggles.

Data Topic

This survey will collect data on the travel characteristics of the Hong Kong population. Data topics fall under the following two categories: 1. Detailed travel information of household members, such as trip making time of the day, transport modes used, interchange locations, destinations, etc. 2. Main factors for determining the travel habit, and opinions on various transport facilities (such as opinions on the usage of private cars, factors affecting transport mode choices and views on walking environment, use of cycling , use of transport telematics, view of the elderly on transport services, and the impact of emerging lifestyles on transport needs, etc.)


TCS 2022 will be conducted from September to December 2022.